Thursday, 3 December 2009

Ohne Titel

alright there? Ok I got back from my boyfriends house (see jacob i told you i would put it) a while ago and instead of ruining my eveing by revising im writing this. Sooo after a german lesson today, with a helper who can't speak english at all well, i thought i would dedicate this to the Ohne Titel collection s/s 1o.

I really like the colour at the beginning, the patterns are really quite interesting.
Skirt on the bottom picture. Love it. The dress in the middle and top at the bottom really intruge me, i dont know whether they are embellished or its a weird material or something. Also look at the top shoes! I love ankle socks and strappy shoes, they're like socks and sandles for people with taste.

Abbey Lee, my current favourite, in a dress which i really do like. I find myself being drawn to contouring with ruffles or thread or whatever right now (hello Alexander Wang a/w 09 blissfully ripped to pieces by topshop. ouch) Also ever since people started liking flats instead of heels again I feel a little less of a dork, having to wear flats all day every day.

And another thing which I love and may try to make, the all in one...mmm drapey drape drape.

Honest to god the current state of my wardrobe is in dire need of this. It looks kind of unflattering on the model, but i bet its the most comfy thing ever made. Plus i really love how the trouser part is hareem-esc but actually is pretty different to most other clothes in that genre. Ok that didnt really make sense, but you know what i mean?
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