Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Merry December!

Hello everyone, it's that time of year again! The warm, fuzzy, cozy month that is December. Resulting in Christmas, and then the dead days and then a whole new year. That's kind of amazing right?
Anyway, i was undertaking my daily ritual of going on net-a-porter to look at expensive clothes and on the home page it showed these.
RM by Roland Mouret...exclusive. How good is that!? Plus i love the colours, bright bright bright. Usually it really isn't my cup of tea, but i'm so bored of everyone being monochromatic (including myself). My favourite is the Serefino dress. It's navy and made from stretch silk gazar(it's a new fabric apparently)
Also I really like the Orion dress, it seems pretty different from most of the other stuff about. Plus it looks like it has been just cut and sewed in different places, which gives it an amazing silhouette.

And last but not least...
The Isa dress. It's beautiful, and I will be dreaming about it tonight. Unfortunatley it costs £1,700.
Mmmm, so if anyone has a spare grand and a bit, then maybe a little gift could be coming my way yeah? I thought not.

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  1. that last dress is gorgeous! Love the detailing on the back