Thursday, 17 December 2009


As I write these very words, snow is a'falling on merry old suffolk. It's so pretty, I loooooovve it. Although it is bloody freezing man.
It feels so like Christmas now, I am eating a mince pie and the tree is up. ahhhh.
So today I had like nothing to write about so I had to hunt about a bit. I found this artist called Conrad Ruiz. I like him, because his name has rad in it and he does pictures like this...
Wowee. His work is watercolour! I can't even believe that, watercolours are usually so washed out and like merged together. Ok maybe its just because I can't use them properly but you get my jist right?

I like this, I wish I had one thats like the size of my wall and I could just look at it all day long. Then I could always find new things in the drawing, it's amazing.

So yeah thats it for today, bye bye


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