Saturday, 5 December 2009

Christmas List, in a collage format

My christmas list
This is my ideal Christmas stocking filler.
OK so there is...
Clockwise from left
Jonathan Saunders T-shirt, Alexander Wang bag, Acne T-Shirt, Tatty Devine Necklace, Marc Jacobs dress, Topshop dress, Uniqlo dress.
You have no idea how long this actually took me. Polyvore is such a weird thing, i cant decide whether I like it or not. Most of the stuff on there is utter balls, but some of its ok i guess.
So is everyone having a good weekend so far?
I am, I went to see granny and got a globe lampshade and a little enamel bracelet. Maybe pictures soon, depends whats going on in my life to be honest.

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