Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Hey everyone, where the wild things are was really good. I recommend it to anyone.Plus I really want max's wolf costume, I would wear it alllll the time.
Anyway...I adore Thakoon, ever since I saw him in the September Issue. He's so sweet and smiley, plus his clothes are loverly! He used alot of colour and pattern in his s/s 2010 collection, like the dress below which uses a brave mixture of the two. It shouldn't work but it really really does.
Anyway he has done he first jewellery collection with Tasaki (no me neither) and it is pearl-tastic.
I love the necklace, it's symmetrical but not if you get what im saying. Pearls arent my favourite thing by any means but the ring with 5 in that would go across like 3 of your fingers is on my wish list.

This necklace is so gorgeous, it looks really delicate. Plus i like the silver and gold and black all together, its a weird combination. Ahhh I really love everything he does, he is a genius.

Bye everyone, I hope y'all have a good day


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