Friday, 4 December 2009

Giles Deacon, what a sparkler

Hello everyone! I know that people read this now cause i have 8 followers! I basically cried when I saw. Hmm thats a bit lame, ho hum. Thanks for following and reading it makes me smile.
Giles Deacon Jewellery is available in February 2010, it launched the other day and quite honestly I am in love (actually its probably more lust) with the spider ringIt looks like a real spider! The odd cut of the stone and the legs with sections like proper spider legs. Im gushing i admit but mmm that is one nice ring.
Its like a multi media necklace. It kind of looks like it would be uncomfortable but i still want it. And the only other picture i have managed to find is of a different ring, but i dont like it very much...Yeah not my cup of tea honestly, flat rings fail to enthuse me. But i do like the other pieces ive seen. I think i might save up. Prices from £250-£2500.

Bye m'darls


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