Sunday, 27 December 2009

Todays post has up to 50% off...

Tomorrow I'm going sales shopping. I hope it's not too crazy.
And I love making lists, so i am going to make one of my top 3 internet sale items, all from net a porter.
I have wanted this T-Shirt for so long it's unbelievable, also it's my birthday soon (hint hint). Down from £79 to £39.50, Luella.Mmmm yes please. Lanvin, down from £625 to £437.50. It's still alot of money but I feel that it's justified. Look at them!

Down from £350 to £185, Mawi. It's velvet, it's blaady massive and it has alot of shiny gold and crystal stuff. What more do you need?

So there is my top 3, they are all pretty much multi-seasonal so even though theyre sale items they are still a worthy investment! honest!


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