Saturday, 26 December 2009

New Year = New Look

Hey everyone. good christmas? i got loadsa books on fashion and a couple by Sigmund Freud, they are pretty heavy going.I got money too, so i'm guessing that I will be going to the sales. I hate sales though, they are like where clothes go to die.
Anyway it's nearly 2010, and considering its a new decade a new look is in order. Because of the fact i have to wear a stupid uniform its going to have to be a new make up look.
OK so choice number 1 is no make up make up. It would make my mornings alot easier but after having smokey eyes for little over a year suddenly going to nothing is pretty damn different.
Number 2, statement lips. Alright I like this, it's very simple but makes an impact. Not necessarily appropriate for every day but going out and weekends would be good. And last but not least, the ultimate mega make up look. Full on eyes with neutral lips. This is probably the one that I would most likely go for. Maybe make the colours a little darker, like olive greens and plums but this is basically what i have now.
So after all that, I'm keeping it the same maybe with more colour and on the odd day maybe ill be going for the good old lipstick.

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