Thursday, 1 October 2009

About time for another post methinks

I havent posted since sunday, tragic right. But yeah i have had so much stuff to do it is literally unreal, so i am now having a little break by doing this.
Dominic Jones makes like the most fierce jewellery ever, which is coverted by Eliza Cummings, Lizzy Jagger and Alice Dellal among others. Ok so everyone has heard of him already, but I am in love!

Yeah in the lookbook they don't like to wear to many clothes, but hey they never do in anything on paper nowadays. So I really want some of this studded, shiny glory...but unfortunately it has a bit of a larger price label than i can pay. It suxxx to the max, but hopefully one day!

Ok that was awful short but i have to go write an essay for tomorrow morning!



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