Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The nights are drawing in...

Hello, in England it's raining buckets and buckets thus it is freezing cold to the max. I currently have this black coat (great description right) which has lasted two whole winters so it is now time to start a fresh. So browsing around has lead me to this A.P.C beauty... Cheaper than a proper Burberry one, but still £325.

The real mckoy, but for pitys sake its £1,495. Yeah I could buy it, but it would be bye bye university, bye bye future basically. For a coat? Nah mate. I tried on a rip off version in H&M but it was not to be.So I basically just need a cheap little coat, with a hood cause of the good old blighty weather. I found this cute fur padded parka from Topshop, it is currently the top of the list but I'm not too sure about the colour. £80, bargain.

Or this one from good ol' Urban Outfitters

£120, plus no hood. Damn I don't think i will ever find the ONE, to find my current one I tried on coats for 2 hours straight. Hopefully I will be going shopping on saturday, so i will update you then!

byebye mi amigos


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