Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Nars 15 x 15

Oh My God, when Nars came back to the backstage world I did a bit of a cry. I love the man, hes a legend. And now he is releasing a third book full of his lovely photography! its called 15x15 and is only out for 30 days. I really really want it (anyone feeling generous and wanna get me an early Christmas present?)Ah Mark Jacobs what a fun man! He amazes me. Plus this picture of Natasha Poly looks really serious but its one of my favourites. The colours pop so much against the dull colours of the background.
AHHH I LOVE FRANCOIS NARS FOR LIFE. maybe i will make a little shrine for him in my room. i think i will.


  1. amy, its jenny, i sooo want to buy it for you, you know to make up for the lack of birthday present, but its impossible. one site said it was $80, which is a bit inconvenient. let me know if you think of anything else. love you x x x x x x

  2. haha could everyone join up?! please oh my god i love it so much. nah its ok dont worry, you can get me some vivienne westwood socks. if she does socks that is.

  3. i would say hat, but wooly vivienne westwood hats cost the same as the book :( i had to put this as anonymous but its the other present culprit!