Monday, 19 October 2009

Make me scream Alexander McQueen.

Dont rip off that title, Im dead proud of it.
So Alexander McQueen is kicking it fun style spring summer 2010. I love it, heres the 3 major outfits which are my faves...
This print is amazing! Its so rad and ace and I just cant get enough of it. Plus the shape of the dress looks so unusual, and holy moly that neckline.It's brown and ruffled and voooom. Kinda like a shiny chocolate cake. Cut outs make me smile and this one has got me grinning like a chesire cat.The colour rules to the max, like silver shiny goodness. HOORAY!
Although I'm not too sure about the shoes...all I can say is erm WHAT??

I love you McQueen. Please can you make your difusion line with these prints? McQ is a little more in my price range.

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