Tuesday, 20 October 2009

In which I realise I have been terribly wrong.

When I first heard that Sienna Miller and her sister were going to make clothes, i was, to say the least, not expecting much. I mean Kate Moss for Topshop is basically her saying she likes stuff from her wardrobe and then having other people design it. Also the actress to designer thing doesnt carry much respect in the big old world. But I think I have judged too soon, it took long enough but this season I actually like Twenty8Twelve! I think I need to eat my hat now...
Alice Dellal hooray! Plus they make nice fierce shoes and good denim and short short dresses.Dree Hemingway in like the smallest shorts known to man, plus a itsy bitsy teeny weeny black and white bikini. What would Ernest say eh?
Oh my a jumpsuit which I actually like! I'm finding it really hard to find one that is good for my frame (erm...short), and of course this would probably drown my like nobodies business but wow the print is outta this world.
Yeah they are hipster clothes, all a bit samey but heck its what I like. Plus I think that Sienna and Savanah have alot of talent. Now there is something I thought i would never say.

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