Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I love the internet. It tells me everything I would ever need to know. Plus I just stumbled across an interview with Alexander Wang and Colin McDowell. Heres a snippet ( i could copy the whole thing but i think this one question is enough)

Colin McDowell: Were you always interested in fashion design?

Alexander Wang: When I was 18 I moved straight to New York and attended Parsons, and actually just before my first day I started an internship with Mark Jacobs and I really didn’t know how fast things would move after moving to New York. So I took the internship and learnt as much as I could. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.I did two years of the four year program at Parsons and decided I was going to take a leave of absence, so I put together a small knitwear collection and kind of loaded up a car full of samples and took them to a load of stores in L.A. I think it worked in our favor that there was never anyone telling us the right way to do things, everything was very organic. We were learning first hand how to take orders, ship deliveries as we went along.

He only did two years at Parsons. And then he jacked it in. And now he's designing some of the best clothes around. He is so Rad I could explode...

I do wish he would have a haircut though :) I cant get over how great he is, my idol to the max!



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  1. love the interview, so inspiring!!!