Sunday, 11 October 2009

Coat tales

Yesterday was coat day, the day in which to get a coat. and a mere 6 hours later one was got.I tried on like a billion coats overall and here is the creme de la creme...Ahhh tweedy twee loveliness. unfortunatly too thin, abit itchy, no hood, not waterproof. dang.Gorgeous shape and all, with a lovely ruffled neck line. Not waterproof or thick, plus as soon as I went back onto the street I saw another woman wearing it.This is my favourite one. I wish I had bought it, but unfortunately its so unpractical its unbelievable. School ruins everything for me.Trench, felt a bit cheap and nasty so it was a no. It looks quite nice but it was poor quality.

This is the one that I bought in the end. I'm regretting it big time now. Its really practical and everything, but i dont love it as much as the fur one.

Oh well, hopefully i can return it at the weekend and it will all be ok.

heres to hoping


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