Sunday, 25 October 2009

Genius In Cosmetic Form

Urban Decay have been lying low on my radar of recent and then this happened. Kime Buzzeli (artist, costume designer for 90210 none the less, all round gorgeous person) has designed this new box for them, and filled it with lovely little eyeshadows and the such. She's called it Show Pony, after her lovely and now deceased shop.My favourite is the purple, I can just imagine someone wearing it in a totally extrovert way to Boombox or Smash and Grab.

Wow I wish I was a Kime Buzzeli girl. They look like they never go to bed, and feel all the better for it. Yes they aren't real but everyone should have an imagination. Her T-shirts on Blood is the new Black are my absolute favourite. Colour I think would be epic though.

Kime, I adore you.


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