Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Team Coddington!

Ok so I'm off school with this virus which is like gross city, so when my dearest mother went to tesco she bought me The September Issue. Duh the documentry-film type thing.
It's been out for ages but I hadn't seen 'til about ten minutes ago. And may I just say, I hate Anna Wintour. She is the ice queen, it's all been said before. The way she talks to people like they are something on the bottom of her shoe grinds my gears to the max, plus her ruthless cutting of amazing pictures and spreads makes me sad. Grace Coddington on the other hand, is the messiah of all that is holy in the fashion world. She styles all her shoots herself and has a lot of repsect for everyone she meets, like telling the camera man that she doesnt want him to be retouched and that he doesnt need to go to the gym because not everyone is perfect. Anna is a bitch to him, telling him that his has to go to the gym while patting her stomach for about a billion years.
Grace also makes the best spreads for the magazine which take heck loads of planning, and in ten minutes Anna comes along and takes out loads of the most astounding pictures i have ever seen. She seems to lack any kind of respect for Grace, refusing to budge on anything that she has decided.
In rare moments we see a different side of Wintour however. She talks about her family, and how they all think her job is a joke, her dad and there are scenes between her and her daughter. Also her help to introduce Thakoon to the masses with his Gap collaboration is very sweet, and he is the most adorable guy ever!
She is still ruthless with other designers and people who she works with, which i suppose you have to be. But there is a fine line between being tough and just being rude. Grace is now my idol forever, she's kind but still fights her corner to the very end.
And my absolute favourite part of the film? When Grace makes Raquel Zimmerman eat a berry pie whilst wearing the worlds most tight corset and beautiful couture.
ciao for now

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